Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hapy New Year, Thanks Thanks Thanks (2011)

Look at that, the year is over!

First of all, I know I haven’t been updating in any meaningful way for a month or so, but maybe you know how the month of December is.  The month of December is busy, so I was busy.

Enough about that!  Here’s what I want to talk about: how great all the people of the internet have been to me/this site this year.  Here, let me thank some of them:

KOTAKU and io9

These two supermassive sites both featured work that I did....twice.  Each time they did so a massive amount of people were exposed to my work, and  lots of them even said nice things about it.  It was nuts that I was on those websites.

Justin Rampage

Justin is a main guy of tumblr (and also the rest of the internet, whether they know it or not), as far as people who enjoy awesome art are concerned.  Mr. Rampage is likely responsible for the bulk of my tumblr followers as a result of reblogging/featuring posts of mine more frequently than I would ever expect, but more importantly his site is often the first place I’m exposed to the fantastic work of a number of awesome designers/artists/nerds.


Another tumblr mainstay, the editors at Gamefreaks were wonderful enough to feature my work on their heavily-followed page.  What’s more, they provide Actual News About Videogames to me, which is an important service that I appreciate very much.


Throughout 2011 the folks running the scene over at Etsy (what’s up, DeMarko) made a number of HUGE improvements to the site (sorting search results by relevance, awesome statistics/analytics information, more complicated computer stuff I can’t sum up in 3 words) and very clearly worked their asses off to improve an already-excellent marketplace, which absolutely contributed to the enormous rise in the number of generous, supportive, enthusiastic Etsy users who actually purchased things I made.  I like my real job (working in a library) but there were months this year that I paid my rent using money I made drawing robots on the internet.  That’s Etsy, you guys - a website that isn’t just posters telling you to keep calm and moustache moustache.


RedBubble made it tremendously easy to put my designs on shirts, show those shirts to people on the internet, and facilitate the creation and distribution of shirts to people who wanted to wear them on their bodies.  Also they’re from Australia.

Anyone Reading This Now

Thanks for being a part of The Daily Robot!

Maybe Next Year I’ll manage to not go two to three weeks without updating this site.  Maybe that’s a resolution.

Happy new year everyone.

Miles D

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