Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Announcement (not a robot)

Remember that Ray Gun design I showed you last week sometime?  No?  Shut up, yes you do:

Listen: I plan on making some prints of this, but before I do I need an idea of how many people would even Want Such A Thing - in the past I have made product demand judgment errors, and as a result have a house full of posters nobody wants, so I'm trying to keep this situation from getting any worse.  Here is what you can do to help me:
  1. let me know (either in the comments section or via email - see my blogger profile for an email link) if this honestly interests you
  2. show other people who like to hang shit on their walls, gauge their reactions, direct them here.
  3. if you work for or in a Hip Location that features awesome Wall Art let the powers that be know.
 I am very proud of this piece, and the fact that it lacks any kind of Robot Specificity perhaps broadens its appeal, but we'll see.

UPDATE in response to the Response I've received.
  1. This will definitely happen
  2. It will either be 11"x17" or Bigger, but likely the former since nobody wants to pay for huge posters
  3. Maybe I will sell framed versions
  4. Thanks for your feedback, feel free to add more.


  1. I'm interested in this poster!

  2. awesome. is it already framed or just like a poster?

  3. An 11x17 would look great in my office next to my computer workbench.