Friday, June 25, 2010

280 (New Friends via Old Friends)

This came for me in the mail today from Carmel, who you may or may not remember from our rapidly-abandoned attempt at movie-review-blogging.  A note that accompanied this robot alludes to the fact that it had been in her possession for "literally" years, awaiting its transfer-of-ownership to me.  I do not know why someone would consciously deprive me of a robot, but let me make this clear to anyone reading this who might currently be harboring a robot they plan on bestowing upon me at some point in the future: do not wait, give me all the robots.

P.S. what I mean to say is, thank you very much Carmel for this robot, it is awesome. 

Also, for people who like weird technology happenings, I took this picture a little before 11p.m. EST, but my digital camera's internal clock is two hours ahead of Actual Time, so this is what the image file's metadata looked like when I first loaded it onto my computer, proving that - like so many things on this website - the future is Now.

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