Thursday, June 17, 2010

275 (hurried Markings)

Here it is, etc etc etc, I wasted all my time this evening making a bizarre stab into the world of Tumblrs, so forgive me if I don't feel like making any sense for awhile.

by Mo Martin

The first thing it wrote was, "Why can't I talk?"
And everybody laughed. A joke from the programmers! While everyone was amazed that they'd created the dexterity to write in a human-style, the machine would complain petulantly that it couldn't talk yet. Hilarious!
But it wasn't so funny when it repeated the line, over and over, covering the page, began to write over itself, making an incomprehensible mass of squiggles. Now this was getting embarrassing for the Company. Finally, someone half-joked back, "Because who cares what you have to say?"
The machine stopped writing. It stood up, another miracle of engineering. Then walked down the stairs of the technology display, another massively expensive process. And then it ran, which nobody thought it could, which shouldn't have been possible. But it ran and ran. And nobody knows where it is now. What a waste.

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