Wednesday, June 2, 2010

266 (Zetta and Zepto Redux)

I told you they'd be back.


by Mo Martin

"We must be going!"
"It is coming, there is danger here!"
"I am not knowing! It is some terrible thing! It is not metal! It is all pink!"
"But no, it is danger, we must . . . oh no, it is here!"
A shadow falls, a sudden sweeping up, a few muttered words, and then . . .
"Well, that was not being so bad."
"Did it say it gave us a bug? I would not like my programming to have a bug."
"01001110011101010, 110100000100000011 00001001000000110100 00111010101100111."
"Oh. A hug, not a bug. How odd."

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  1. This picture looks even better in color! :D